Thursday, April 12, 2012

Let's be honest

I really do like Sherri Shepherd. EVERYONE really likes Sherri Shepherd. She's a funny, entertaining, lively, bright, energetic, sparkling star no matter how you slice it...but, let's be honest, her tango lacked her usual luster and the viewers responded accordingly. Yet, all those that loved her and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy are whining in ways normally not seen in people past the age of seven. Let's be honest and put that BS to bed.

There is nothing "unfair" about the voting process, and if anyone thought there was, they would have written to ABC to complain a long time ago. People only magically care about the process when someone they like goes home. So, let's be honest and admit that the voting process is fair enough.

Carrie Ann Inaba's comments are not to blame. First of all, do you have so little faith in humanity that you think all it takes is just one judge's comment to spin them all into a spiral of hate toward Sherri Shepherd? Well, if you do, I don't know how you think any couple stays on the show because Len Goodman says negative things about every couple every week just about. It's especially annoying when the live audience makes zoo animals of themselves every time any of the judges makes any even remotely critical statement about anybody. It's a judged competition, people. This is not news. So, let's be honest and admit it's not Carrie Ann's fault.

The last gasp of the crying child is, "DWTS is nothing but a popularity contest! I can't believe so and so got voted off and so and so stayed on." Those of you making these very claims are one and the same with those of you that blow up my twitter feed EVERY WEEK with, "OMG @maksimc U R SO HAWT! MY MOM & MY SIS & MY BFF & MY GAY UNCLE & MY CAT STAYED UP ALL NIGHT VOTING FOR YOU BC WE <3<3<3 U SOOOOOO MUCH!!!" Not a word about his dancing. Not a word about Melissa Gilber's dancing. Just blind worship. So, let's be honest and admit that you're all perfectly satisfied with the popularity aspect of DWTS.

Speaking of Chmerkovskiys, let's be honest and admit the real reason most of you are so upset that Sherri is gone is that the show is now short one Chmerkovskiy six pack. This can also be evidenced by the tornado of tweets, "ZOMG @iamvalc I CANT BELIEVE THIS! WE LOVE UUUUU! WE VOTED FOR U ALL NIGHT LONG! THIS IS SO UNFAIR."

I will miss Sherri. She was a charismatic little firework, but at the end of the day, that's how the cookie crumbles. Do you know what a luxury it is to have this first world problem? If you live in the United States and have furniture, a TV, a phone, a computer, and a twitter account, I'm pretty sure you shouldn't be acting like something so trivial as Dancing with the Stars results have ruined your week. If you're Sherri Shepherd or Val Chmerkovskiy, fine, cry. You worked hard, I don't blame you for being upset. As for the rest of you comfortably watching at home...let's be honest and admit that the sun will rise tomorrow. Pin It

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