Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Goodbye, DWTS

I'm giving up on Dancing with the Stars and everything and everyone involved with it. I can't take it anymore.

I'm tired of all the fan drama.
I'm tired of my twitter feed being blown up with desperate old ladies constantly tweeting the pros for attention.
I'm tired of people making up horribly dramatic diseases and circumstances just for attention and retweets from the pros. 
I'm tired of seeing fat old white ladies pretend to like really shit quality rap music just b/c somebody they have the hots for is a wannabe rapper.
I'm tired of seeing fat old white ladies pretend to like really shit quality rock music just because somebody they have the hots for is a wannabe rocker.
I'm tired of people acting like their whole lives have changed just because they met their favorite pro.
I'm tired of people who don't do ANYTHING on their twitter accounts except for bother stars and pros.
I'm tired of the popularity contest.
I'm tired of the hypocrisy of the popularity contest (ie: "Vote for So and So, he's my favorite! I mean, I know he hasn't even danced yet, but he's so hot so let's keep him on! I've already voted 500 times even though the show hasn't aired yet." The next day...."Waaaaaaah, my favorite got voted off because it's just a popularity contest. It's so unfair! " )
I'm tired of pros trying to look cool by bragging about what awesome little fake lives they have.
I'm tired of people who don't know ANYTHING ABOUT ME adding me on twitter and then tweeting me 50 times a day about how hot So and So is just because I follow So and So on twitter.
I'm tired of the same people pretending they care about me and yet ignoring 99.9% of everything I say, only to zero in on stupid shit I say about DWTS or someone on it. 
I'm tired of people whining that So and So, "RT'S EVERYBODY BUT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
I'm tired of everyone, including fans, stars and pros, pretending they give a shit about anybody but themselves.

NONE OF THIS SHIT has anything to do with dancing. I used to admire the show and the people involved for spreading the love of dance to folks like me, who really had little hope for life on this planet before discovering the joy of dance. But it's not about that....I was a fool to think it ever was about that. It's about who's wearing what, who's banging whom, who's going where, who's the hottest, who has the nicest butt, who has the prettiest face, who showed up at what mall, who gained weight, who TMZ stalks more, who has the nicest body, who RTs more fake toenail cancer-patients, blablablablablblaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

I still admire the level of work people, including the stars, the pros, the production team, etc., put in to the show. That is something that can't be denied...but that's where the respect ends. I don't see any of them as gods, I don't see any of them as role models, I don't see any of them as infallible...I really don't even see any of them as people. If a dead Tupac can give a hologram concert, I'm not entirely convinced that anyone on that show is more than a hologram either. In any case, they're not worth being stressed over.

Unlike most people, I realize that I don't matter AT ALL to these people, despite how often they may say they "LOVE" all their fans. Yet, day after day, I see people literally worshiping these artificial beings who don't give a shit about them. Folks........Derek and Mark and Val do not think you're cool for pretending to like their music, okay? They might be happy that they got a few cents on iTunes because somebody DLed their songs, but, no, they do not care about you. Despite how much Maks might say he loves you all and appreciate how much you love him, he doesn't. He also does not care that you went to JC Penny and bought some of his generic jewelry. Once again, he might be happy to have a few extra dollars in his pocket. Need I go on?

These people do not give a shit about you. These people are not your friends. If you blew your brains out right now, none of them would even know, let alone care...even if they did give you their autograph or shake your hand or hug you once or let you grope them or RT you at some point. Go ahead, tweet to them once in a while. They wouldn't be on twitter with public accounts if they didn't want to be tweeted at once in a while.....but stop acting like they know you or care about you or would care if you fell off a cliff and landed on their cars....because they wouldn't be sad that you were dead, they'd just be mad that they had to buy a new car. 

Far be it from me to completely shut the door to anyone, but when I do hear a knock and see it's you, I might not answer. I have too much going on to deal with people who:

A) don't live in reality.
B) don't actually give a shit about me.
C) only come to me when they want to gossip.
D) are only impressed with themselves and no one else.

When you're back here on planet earth where I currently reside, I will be willing to care about you. Until then, I'm done with your drama, your fake lives, your imaginary friendships, and your general lack of touch with humanity...that includes anyone who is in any way concerned about DWTS, right down from the random blogger to the most popular star of the show. Unless you've personally shown me that you're a kind, caring, empathetic human being, I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU!

Goodbye cruel artificial world! Pin It

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DWTS Season 14 Finals - RESULTS

I LOVED the opening act. There's nothing in the world like seeing all the pros dance together, and of course, we all like watching the "reunion" with all the previous contestants.

Then, blabity bla, highlights, bla.

The judges wanted to see Donald's freestyle a second time. It was still great, but not as sharp as it was the first time, but that's understandable. The anticipation and the "edge" are off now, which brings the energy down and brings the excitement down.

More time wasting and blabla let's compare the three blablabla...buncha crap we did last week but with new B-roll.

On to the dancing.....


Sherri Shepherd dancing with all the men couldn't have been more amusing. Seeing Maks and Tony literally come floating down from the roof was hilarious. That was probably the best finale reunion dance I've seen....it even tops Carson's "Vogue" of last season....but to be honest, seeing this makes me realize her lacking skills made me understand better why she went off early.

It was good but also painful to see Martina try to dance again. She was better than she was on the show previously, but still bad.Jack Wagner seemed to improve quite a lot from the last time I recall him dancing. I think he could have grown a lot if he was able to stick around.

Gavin.....was as terrible as ever haha. I guess they figured if they surrounded him with all the ladies, people wouldn't notice his crappy dancing as much. I still love him because he just has a sunny attitude, but....yeah.
Gladys was much the same as Gavin. She seemed to be less awkward than she was previously, but still awkward nonetheless. It was still nice to see her again. Paso Doble to Shaft.....awesome! I liked Jaleel a lot previously. He showed a lot of skill in this dance. He was another one I would have liked to see grow more. He previously suffered from peaking early.

It would be a lie to say I didn't enjoy the second Chmerkovskiy sandwich of the night.....I think seeing another short redhead dance with them is the closest thing I can ever hope to get haha. Nice twist on the butt grab. She was still awkward and a little goofy, but improved from last time. Roshon's freestyle was incredible! Honestly, had they been in the finals they would have won.

And then Kelly Clarkson sang. Once again, watching the pros dance together is too awesome. It always makes me wish I had the money to study ballroom (yes, you do have to be rich to commit to it seriously).

MARIA AND DEREK! I really wished they had made it to the finals. She is one of my favorite types of people....someone who started out not the best, but came back to improve week after week, even through a series of injuries. Honestly, I think if she hadn't been injured, more people would have voted. I think everyone kinda just wanted to give her a break.

The Final Dances - SPOILER ALERT! 

William and Cheryl - Salsa
Judges said:
Len - If salsa and rhythm were in the Olympics, you'd get a gold medal.
Bruno - When it comes down to it, hot, saucy, sexy, spicy, salsa, hips don't lie. Nobody does it better than William!
Carrie Ann - They don't call you Team Fuego for no reason. What you have that makes you so special is you have true star quality. KT says: Yes! More perfect thighs and booty in tight, white pants. It was a little predictable, especially since they just did a salsa yesterday. but still fun. 
Score they got: 30 (I think it's standard to give everybody's last dance a 30 unless they screw up horribly)

Score I'd give 'em: 30

Katherine and Mark - Jive
Judges said:
Bruno: Katherine, the blonde bombshell, the girl that has it all. A truly stunning dancer.
Carrie Ann: It's true. I don't know what else to say to you. You are such a brilliant artist. It's you two that set the bar so high this season.
Len: Judging is only an opinion....but I tell you, Katherine,  YOU are the complete package.
KT says: Honestly, I thought she was a little awkward during this dance. I was a little disappointed.
Score they got: 30
Score I'd give 'em: 28

Donald and Peta - Chacha
Judges said:
Carrie Ann: You are such a fierce competitor. I can see this love for this show and you are determined to win. You are the one to beat.
Len: My feeling is that no one's a loser tonight. May I say, we've had some great footballers on this show over the years. My feeling is you're the best we've had.
Bruno: Another massive hit for Donald the Magnificent.
KT says: He started off a little stiff, but I can't complain too much with being shirtless the whole time. Overall, he did great. 
Score they got: 30
Score I'd give 'em: 30

Gladys Knight singing was angelic as expected. Though, I didn't care for the slow motion clips that made everybody cry.

3rd Runner Up: William and Cheryl (Aw, his son, who looks exactly like him, was crying)
2nd Runner Up: Katherine and Mark
Champions: Donald and Peta

Looks like my prediction was right!

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Monday, May 21, 2012

DWTS Season 14 - FINALS!

William & Cheryl - Chacha, aided by Bruno
Judges said:
Len: That's as good as I've ever seen in 14 seasons of chachacha
Bruno: That was an intoxicating human cocktail of natural flowing movement and sizzling sexuality.
Carrie Ann: Clean, sharp, defined, the musicality...you have grown MILES!
KT says: It was....ok. It didn't blow me away. I think he did a good job, but I just wasn't mystified.
They got: 30
I'd give 'em: 27
Voting #

Katherine & Mark - Paso Doble, aided by Len
Judges said:
Bruno: Katherine, that was a Paso Doble full of vivid, lush, lustful artistry.
Carrie Ann: Watching a prima ballerina. Every move was perfectly executed.
Len: Full of tasty tidbits to tickle your taste buds.  
KT says: I'm always biased toward Paso Doble because it is one of my favorite dances in general. I'm also biased because Katherine has been my favorite from the start, so I almost feel I shouldn't comment. I believe she did nail the finesse moreso than the first time she did that dance.
They got: 30
I'd give 'em: 30
Voting #

Donald & Peta - Argentine Tango, aided by Carrie Ann
Judges said:
Carrie Ann: I loved it the first time and I loved it again. There was a new crispness.
Len: I felt it was far more content I liked the setup and the intensity. For me it was a tad careful.
Bruno: I think you've been clever again. You went for the subtle and intimate. Small details, but intense story details.
KT says: Another one of my favorite dances. I felt like Peta did all the dancing and Donald did a lot of standing and walking around. Yes, he did the lifts as well, but that's about all I saw. What he did do, he did well, but I just felt he didn't do anything. I have to agree with Len.
They got: 29
I'd give 'em: 27
Voting #


Voting #s are listed, but have not changed.

William & Cheryl
Judges said:
Len: What you do, you do well. First, I have to say, I liked it. But, for me it was too predictable. All you do is shake your butt and get the women screaming. I wanted to see something different.
Bruno: You are like two devils unleashed upon the earth into a Latin inspired extravaganza. Sinful but ever so beautiful.
Carrie Ann: That was just exactly what a freestyle should be.
KT says: It was an interesting tango/salsa fusion, which I think fit William perfectly. Sadly, I have to agree with Len. It was careful and a little predictable. It didn't show a full range of dance style and emotion, which is, in my opinion, a NECESSITY for the freestyle.
They got: 29
I'd give 'em: 28
Voting #

Katherine & Mark
Judges said: 
Bruno: A tour de force through the many ages of swing. You were on the money all the way.
Carrie Ann: You are such a fabulous performer, You can do everything. That was the dance of a champion.
Len: If I'm asleep and dreaming. Don't wake me up. THIS is a freestyle.
KT says: As I said, she has been my favorite form day one. They had a great idea to have her open with a song. That said, it also didn't really blow me away. Technically, it was great, but a little something was missing. It seemed like she lost her footing a bit at times, but maybe I'm crazy.
They got: 30
I'd give 'em: 28
Voting #

Donald & Peta
Judges said: 
Carrie Ann: No offense to any of the people in the past seasons, this is by far my favorite final and by far my favorite dance tonight!
Len: You came out, an enormous charge, you went wright for that field. Fantastic!
Bruno: As rides go, this was ace high! A country inspired triumph!
KT says: To be honest,  he is my least favorite of the contestants, but he took a huge risk and it paid off well. He lost his footing a few times that I noticed. It was a LOT more than what i expected from him.
They got: 30
I'd give 'em: 29
Voting #

Leader Board:
Katherine & Mark 60
Donald & Peta and Willliam & Cheryl: tied at 59

My prediction:
3rd - William & Cheryl - William & Cheryl may be the sexiest couple, but the showed the least amount of surprise and wonder.
2nd - Katherine & Mark - Consistent with the rest of the season, I think, technically, they were the best. Unfortunately, it's to their detriment because everyone always expects perfection, so isn't surprised when they get it.
1st - Donald & Peta - These two showed the biggest amount of risk and therefore the biggest reward. The freestyle was fantastically unexpected. This will convert several of William's and Katherine's loyal fans.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cheryl Burke and whiney bitches

Every season I hear ugly comments from fans when their precious little favorites don't make it into the finals. This season, it was very difficult for every viewer to see anyone eliminated during the semifinals because everyone is so talented. Sometimes the complaints are justified, but most of the time, they're not. I understand feeling emotionally connected to folks that inspire you, but there's no need to be ugly toward those you don't favor.

Perhaps the worst thing I hear from people are the complaints that Cheryl Burke is the show's favorite and always gets "the best contenders," and the "most popular" people. Out of the 13 seasons that Cheryl has been a part of DWTS, she has been in the finals six times, has won twice, come in second twice, and gotten third place once. We have yet to see where she will end up this season, but we do know she is in the finals.

Let's look at this critically. Before they were on DWTS, if you asked the average person walking down the street if they really thought Emmit Smith or Rob Kardashian would be great dancers do you think they'd say, "Yes?" There have also been plenty of seasons she didn't go to the finals. She was among some of the first folks eliminated when she danced with Wayne Newton and Tom DeLay. She's been everywhere between first and worst. What's the explanation for that?

People might say that Drew Lachey, her first partner, had an unfair advantage because he was previously in the boy band 98° and obviously had some dance training. That WOULD be a fair point if the same people weren't silent about the unfair advantages of former New Kids on the Block member Joey McIntyre, former 'N Sync member Joey Fatone, Spice Girl Melanie Brown, former 'N Sync member number two Lance Bass, pop star Mya, and Pussycat Doll Nichole Scherzinger.

Listen bitches, stop bein' bitches. That's all you're doing. You're mad that whichever guy you think is hot or whatever girl you think is charming is no longer around and instead of being a grownup and knowing that's just the way the cookie crumbles, you go around bringing everyone else down.

Do you have any idea how hideous you're being toward Cheryl Burke? She is an incredibly talented, creative woman whose artistic abilities are only outshined by her intuitive ability to hone in on her partners' strengths and weaknesses and use them to consistently create poetry in motion. The second you say, "She's only in the finals because everyone likes her partner," or, "She's the producers' favorite, so she always gets the best contestants," then you're taking a giant dump on all of her talents and achievements.

The only other pro I've heard such hateful comments made toward is Derek Hough who, out of nine seasons, has won three times and been in the finals once. Again, who the hell thought Ricki Lake would have turned out to be a great dancer? However, my hypothesis is that, since it's mostly women making these nasty comments, that they're not quite as nasty to him because he is quite the cute piece of ass, afterall.

Also, as I said before, don't you dare whine that it's a popularity contest. YOU are the ones who keep people like Melissa Gilbert on waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer than they deserve to be because you think her partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, is hot. How do I know? I'm on twitter. I see all your @maksimc tags about, "I am gonna stay up all night voting for you," and, "You're my favorite," and, "OMG you're so hot, I don't know what we're going to do if you don't make it to the next round," and, "Here's Maks' voting number. Start voting now!" All of this occurs hours before the show even airs. How could you possibly be voting for the dance that touched your heart when you haven't even seen any of them yet?!

(No, I don't dislike or have a problem with Maksim, but I follow all the DWTS pros and his fans are the ones I see doing this the most.)

Then I see how all of you cry, whine, gossip, and insult other people when you don't get your way. You've all made it beyond crystal clear that you're perfectly fine with the popularity contest so long as your favorite is still in it.

I can't think of a delicate way to put this, so I won't try. You're grown-ass women! Stop acting like kindergarteners. It's just a fucking TV show, you know the rules, and you're supposed to be voting for best overall dance, not who you wanna bang. Different pros and stars have different talents and different appeals. Different viewers all have different reasons for supporting who they support, even if they're the wrong reasons (like many of your reasons), you don't have control over it. You're perfectly willing and able to vote for Maks because he has a nice ass, but don't turn around and insult Cheryl Burke when people vote for William Levy because he also has a nice ass, or talk about how "unfair" the show is, or spit venom at people because you didn't get your way. It's not going to change the nature of the show. It's just going to change the level of respect people have for you. Pin It

DWTS Season 14 Week 9 - Semifinals Results

Judges wanted to see William & Cheryl's Samba a second time. It didn't impress me the first time and I felt much the same way about it the second time.....though the booty wiggles are much appreciated.

On to the elimination!

SPOILER ALERT!!!         




Yes, I'm leaving lots of space so you won't accidentally peak and see what happens next!




Katherine and Mark - SAFE! I'm so glad to hear this. They've been my favorite from day one and I'd have hated to see them eliminated over that one mistake.

Macy's Design a Dance - The Samba to Beyonce's "End of Time" starring Tristan MacManus & Chelsie Hightower. 

Samba is not one of my favorite dances but watching the pros dance together is always such great fun. I like America's choice of dancers too! Tristan MacManus's accent is just too charming (yes, I realize you can't hear him on the floor) and I have to always support my fellow shorties like Chelsie Hightower. It was a fun dance, but not to the caliber that I expect to see from two pros.

Live Performance - Alanis Morissette performed her new single, "Guardian." She looked surprisingly feminine compared to what I expected see. Of course, I haven't really kept up with her, so maybe this is usual for her now. The new song was entertaining. The two dancers from the troupe, whose names I didn't catch, certainly didn't disappoint. That was the caliber of dance that I normally expect from two pros. The male was so talented with jumps and spins and has obvious ballet training, which frankly, we don't see nearly often enough on this show.

Maria and Derek - IN JEOPARDY! Sadness! They've really started to peak, I would hate to miss the absolute top of their game.

There was a special performance from Rock of Ages with Mary J Blige, Julianne Hough and...some dude who's name I can't recall....Diego something. It's great to have Julianne back. I never really forgave her for abandoning dancing to go be a.....ugh.....country singer, but thankfully, that didn't really last. I am happy to see her dancing in a musical movie.As a child of the 80s and rocker girl at heart, I loved the musical mashup of many of my 80s favorites.....still didn't think much of Julianne's singing though....sorry. Maybe part of it was that Journey was involved and I'm sorry but there are maybe like...three people in the world that can do Steve Perry.....Mary J Blige and Julianne Hough aren't among them.

Carrie Underwood sang...some song....something about a "Good Girl."  Sorry, I don't pay attention to country music, so I have no ability or business reviewing country music, so I won't. It was fun whatever it was. The troupe was pretty darn awesome during this song. Again, their names escape me because I'm not familiar with them and even if I were, they've got foreign names I haven't a prayer in hell of spelling properly. All I know is Tristan was one of 'em.

Donald and Peta - IN JEOPARDY! I almost hate this season because everyone is so good and I don't want any of the to go.

William and Cheryl - SAFE! Don't get me wrong, I love William. He's gorgeous, sexy, charismatic, and not a bad dancer. The problem is, he's not a fantastic dancer either. I thought he probably should have gone.

Of course, they had to taunt us with commercials for a while before getting to the real nitty gritty.

The Final Standoff: 

Maria and Derek vs. Donald and Peta...this sucks. I don't want either of them to go. Even Tom Bergeron said, "No matter which way this goes....it's gonna suck."

America chose Donald and Peta to go on to the finals. I can't say I support this choice. Donald certainly doesn't dance as well as Maria by any stretch of the imagination, but as we know, everybody always loves an athlete. Pin It

Monday, May 14, 2012

DWTS Season 14 Week 9 - Semifinals

William and Cheryl - Tango

Judges said:
Len: I've not been this excited since my mother put me in long trousers. This is going to be the best semi-finals ever. I've got to be really critical. Overall, terrific. I'd have liked a tighter hold.
Bruno: Powerful, firm, convincing, full of animal magnetism. You were like the dictator of the tango.
Carrie Ann: Your lines were gorgeous, BUT your chaînés were out of control in the beginning.

KT says: Something was missing and I think it was fire and creative choreography which is generally Cheryl's specialty. I also saw a little more chacha than I care for in a tango. I hate to say it, but I was disappointed.
What they got: 28
What I'd give 'em: 26
Voting #:

Katherine and Mark - Quickstep
Judges said:
Bruno: The gangster mob, the thrill of the chase and amazing technique.
CarrieAnn: In order to make it to the finals, you have to bring your A game and I don't think you did that.....I think you brought your A+ game! That might be the best dance I've ever seen on DWTS!
Len: Well I knew you could sing, but honestly Katherine you can DANCE! There was a little foot fault thing, I do apologize I have to bring that up, but overall a fabulous number.
KT says: I saw a few missteps, but she nailed the more complex footwork. Again, I didn't think the choreography was that spectacular, but to be fair the quickstep doesn't allow for too much creativity.
What they got: 29
What I'd give 'em: 27
Voting #:

Donald and Peta - Waltz
Judges said:
CarrieAnn: You were so dreamy. That was so emotional...unfortunately there were a few times your feet didn't really finish the steps. It was still a fantastically mesmerizing dance
Len: It took me back to a different era. It was absolutely charming. I'm sure Peta has told you over an over to keep your head to the left. You're like a big, rough, tough cream puff.
Bruno: Donald, it's much harder to impress with a Waltz than a tango or quickstep and you did that. You are extremely light on your feet, you extended your lines better than ever. It was like watching romance blossoming right in front of my eyes.
KT says: Something weird was going on with his arms in the very beginning, I think it was his shoulders, but I generally found it a stunning performance.
What they got: 28
What I'd give 'em: 27
Voting #:

Maria and Derek - Argentine Tango
Judges said:
Len: (inaudible over the crowd) It was a silent fabulous.
Bruno: Tailored, tight, titillating. What you've achieved is absolutely utterly fabulous.
CarrieAnn: I remember when you first started ad the journey and the transformation has gone on.....I'm so proud of you.
KT says: I liked the curtain. It showed the precision of their first few steps. The choreography was very creative as Derek always provides. There were a few awkward ankles on Maria's part, but overall perfection.
What they got: 30
What I'd give 'em: 30
Voting #:


William and Cheryl - Samba
Judges said:
Bruno: You savored the flavor of sexy Brazil.
CarrieAnn: You had me at Hello! Your bounce was like a thrust which took it to a-whole-nother level.
Len: I've never looked at a man's bum for such a long time. The rhythm that you brought out was just fantastic.
KT says: The technique was good, but I didn't see that much genuine samba from him. He seemed to be missing the fire again, even though the judges totally disagree with me.
What they got: 30
What I'd give 'em: 27

Katherine and Mark - Salsa
Judges said:
CarrieAnn: That was just fantastic, I'm so sorry that the ending didn't work out. It's like you hung out with Beyonce over the weekend.
Len: I just wrote Katherine the Great, the Wonder Woman. You just came out and gave it 100%
Bruno: Don't worry about what happened, because it happens to everyone. Up until that point, it was wonderful so don't worry, darling.
KT says: Honestly, not my favorite of hers. I think she felt self conscious in her costume and it showed. The misstep at the end really upset her, understandably.
What they got: 27
What I'd give 'em: 26
Voting #:

Donald and Peta - Samba
Judges said:
Len: It was a little bit careful but, bottom line, I liked it.
Bruno: you took a big risk and you won
CarrieAnn: I thought that was A+ game. 
KT says: Honestly, I started with low expectations. I was surprised. It still wasn't great, but better than I expected. His feet were a bit off in spots, I won't deny it, but way better than I expected.
What they got: 29
What I'd give 'em: 27
Voting #:

Maria and Derek - Jive
Judges said:
Bruno: What I really like is all the quirky and unexpected details. It shouldn't have worked, but it did.
CarrieAnn: You are a winner tonight!
Len: It wasn't a traditional jive where you get lots of kicks and flicks.
KT says: I loved the irony of her being passed out on the hospital table, but then they didn't keep upwith the theme. Something seemed stiff about the whole thing. It's probably because their first dance was so spectacular that this one just seemed bla in comparison. I didn't care for it. I saw almost no jive.
What they got: 29
What I'd give 'em: 25
Voting #:

Maria and Derek: 59
William and Cheryl: 58
Donald and Peta: 57
Katherine and Mark: 56

Best dance of the night: Maria and Derek's Argentine Tango
Worst dance of the night: This might be a first that the same folks had both the best and worst dances in my eyes, but I have to say Maria and Derek's Jive.

Who should go: William
Who probably will go: I absolutely HATE to say it, but Katherine Pin It

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DWTS Week 8 - Results

Considering what happened to my family yesterday, I am still not in the mood for bubbly bloggin.


Well, my prediction from yesterday came true. I was sad to see Roshon go, but I can't say I was surprised. He had been in the bottom two at least three times that I can recall. Melissa, on the other hand, I have to say I was glad to see go. I don't mean her any malice, but popularity kept her on the show a lot longer than was appropriate in my opinion. I'm sure she is a lovely lady, but she was not the strongest dancer. 

At this point, it really is anybody's game. Katherine is my favorite, but sometimes when you are strong from the beginning, people expect you to be the best and when you make one little mistake, people penalize you fifty times harder. Donald has come a long way. He started off pretty well, but he has truly evolved, though I would say he is my least favorite of the remaining four. Maria also started strong, but continues to wow us a little bit more every week, I just hope she doesn't literally fall apart before the showdown! William is HOT, HOT, HOT and it would be a lie to say that his appearance isn't one of the reasons I want him to stick around, but he does lose focus once in a while. I would like to see him truly nail me a dance perfectly.

I'm looking forward to the semifinals. Pin It