Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Goodbye, DWTS

I'm giving up on Dancing with the Stars and everything and everyone involved with it. I can't take it anymore.

I'm tired of all the fan drama.
I'm tired of my twitter feed being blown up with desperate old ladies constantly tweeting the pros for attention.
I'm tired of people making up horribly dramatic diseases and circumstances just for attention and retweets from the pros. 
I'm tired of seeing fat old white ladies pretend to like really shit quality rap music just b/c somebody they have the hots for is a wannabe rapper.
I'm tired of seeing fat old white ladies pretend to like really shit quality rock music just because somebody they have the hots for is a wannabe rocker.
I'm tired of people acting like their whole lives have changed just because they met their favorite pro.
I'm tired of people who don't do ANYTHING on their twitter accounts except for bother stars and pros.
I'm tired of the popularity contest.
I'm tired of the hypocrisy of the popularity contest (ie: "Vote for So and So, he's my favorite! I mean, I know he hasn't even danced yet, but he's so hot so let's keep him on! I've already voted 500 times even though the show hasn't aired yet." The next day...."Waaaaaaah, my favorite got voted off because it's just a popularity contest. It's so unfair! " )
I'm tired of pros trying to look cool by bragging about what awesome little fake lives they have.
I'm tired of people who don't know ANYTHING ABOUT ME adding me on twitter and then tweeting me 50 times a day about how hot So and So is just because I follow So and So on twitter.
I'm tired of the same people pretending they care about me and yet ignoring 99.9% of everything I say, only to zero in on stupid shit I say about DWTS or someone on it. 
I'm tired of people whining that So and So, "RT'S EVERYBODY BUT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
I'm tired of everyone, including fans, stars and pros, pretending they give a shit about anybody but themselves.

NONE OF THIS SHIT has anything to do with dancing. I used to admire the show and the people involved for spreading the love of dance to folks like me, who really had little hope for life on this planet before discovering the joy of dance. But it's not about that....I was a fool to think it ever was about that. It's about who's wearing what, who's banging whom, who's going where, who's the hottest, who has the nicest butt, who has the prettiest face, who showed up at what mall, who gained weight, who TMZ stalks more, who has the nicest body, who RTs more fake toenail cancer-patients, blablablablablblaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

I still admire the level of work people, including the stars, the pros, the production team, etc., put in to the show. That is something that can't be denied...but that's where the respect ends. I don't see any of them as gods, I don't see any of them as role models, I don't see any of them as infallible...I really don't even see any of them as people. If a dead Tupac can give a hologram concert, I'm not entirely convinced that anyone on that show is more than a hologram either. In any case, they're not worth being stressed over.

Unlike most people, I realize that I don't matter AT ALL to these people, despite how often they may say they "LOVE" all their fans. Yet, day after day, I see people literally worshiping these artificial beings who don't give a shit about them. Folks........Derek and Mark and Val do not think you're cool for pretending to like their music, okay? They might be happy that they got a few cents on iTunes because somebody DLed their songs, but, no, they do not care about you. Despite how much Maks might say he loves you all and appreciate how much you love him, he doesn't. He also does not care that you went to JC Penny and bought some of his generic jewelry. Once again, he might be happy to have a few extra dollars in his pocket. Need I go on?

These people do not give a shit about you. These people are not your friends. If you blew your brains out right now, none of them would even know, let alone care...even if they did give you their autograph or shake your hand or hug you once or let you grope them or RT you at some point. Go ahead, tweet to them once in a while. They wouldn't be on twitter with public accounts if they didn't want to be tweeted at once in a while.....but stop acting like they know you or care about you or would care if you fell off a cliff and landed on their cars....because they wouldn't be sad that you were dead, they'd just be mad that they had to buy a new car. 

Far be it from me to completely shut the door to anyone, but when I do hear a knock and see it's you, I might not answer. I have too much going on to deal with people who:

A) don't live in reality.
B) don't actually give a shit about me.
C) only come to me when they want to gossip.
D) are only impressed with themselves and no one else.

When you're back here on planet earth where I currently reside, I will be willing to care about you. Until then, I'm done with your drama, your fake lives, your imaginary friendships, and your general lack of touch with humanity...that includes anyone who is in any way concerned about DWTS, right down from the random blogger to the most popular star of the show. Unless you've personally shown me that you're a kind, caring, empathetic human being, I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU!

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  1. Wow... I would just suggest you tweak your twitter feed. I actually only read a list of people and actually don't look at my actual follow list. My actual follow list is only there for those who had followed me and I follow them back... but I probably wouldn't put them on my actual viewing list for various reasons... such as endless yacking about nonsense.

    In fact, I follow stuff like TV shows, but don't put them on my actual list. It just shows I give them support, but not waste my time reading what they say.

  2. You're probably right. I never took much time to make lists or to really learn how twitter "works" when it comes to details.