Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DWTS Season 14 Finals - RESULTS

I LOVED the opening act. There's nothing in the world like seeing all the pros dance together, and of course, we all like watching the "reunion" with all the previous contestants.

Then, blabity bla, highlights, bla.

The judges wanted to see Donald's freestyle a second time. It was still great, but not as sharp as it was the first time, but that's understandable. The anticipation and the "edge" are off now, which brings the energy down and brings the excitement down.

More time wasting and blabla let's compare the three blablabla...buncha crap we did last week but with new B-roll.

On to the dancing.....


Sherri Shepherd dancing with all the men couldn't have been more amusing. Seeing Maks and Tony literally come floating down from the roof was hilarious. That was probably the best finale reunion dance I've seen....it even tops Carson's "Vogue" of last season....but to be honest, seeing this makes me realize her lacking skills made me understand better why she went off early.

It was good but also painful to see Martina try to dance again. She was better than she was on the show previously, but still bad.Jack Wagner seemed to improve quite a lot from the last time I recall him dancing. I think he could have grown a lot if he was able to stick around.

Gavin.....was as terrible as ever haha. I guess they figured if they surrounded him with all the ladies, people wouldn't notice his crappy dancing as much. I still love him because he just has a sunny attitude, but....yeah.
Gladys was much the same as Gavin. She seemed to be less awkward than she was previously, but still awkward nonetheless. It was still nice to see her again. Paso Doble to Shaft.....awesome! I liked Jaleel a lot previously. He showed a lot of skill in this dance. He was another one I would have liked to see grow more. He previously suffered from peaking early.

It would be a lie to say I didn't enjoy the second Chmerkovskiy sandwich of the night.....I think seeing another short redhead dance with them is the closest thing I can ever hope to get haha. Nice twist on the butt grab. She was still awkward and a little goofy, but improved from last time. Roshon's freestyle was incredible! Honestly, had they been in the finals they would have won.

And then Kelly Clarkson sang. Once again, watching the pros dance together is too awesome. It always makes me wish I had the money to study ballroom (yes, you do have to be rich to commit to it seriously).

MARIA AND DEREK! I really wished they had made it to the finals. She is one of my favorite types of people....someone who started out not the best, but came back to improve week after week, even through a series of injuries. Honestly, I think if she hadn't been injured, more people would have voted. I think everyone kinda just wanted to give her a break.

The Final Dances - SPOILER ALERT! 

William and Cheryl - Salsa
Judges said:
Len - If salsa and rhythm were in the Olympics, you'd get a gold medal.
Bruno - When it comes down to it, hot, saucy, sexy, spicy, salsa, hips don't lie. Nobody does it better than William!
Carrie Ann - They don't call you Team Fuego for no reason. What you have that makes you so special is you have true star quality. KT says: Yes! More perfect thighs and booty in tight, white pants. It was a little predictable, especially since they just did a salsa yesterday. but still fun. 
Score they got: 30 (I think it's standard to give everybody's last dance a 30 unless they screw up horribly)

Score I'd give 'em: 30

Katherine and Mark - Jive
Judges said:
Bruno: Katherine, the blonde bombshell, the girl that has it all. A truly stunning dancer.
Carrie Ann: It's true. I don't know what else to say to you. You are such a brilliant artist. It's you two that set the bar so high this season.
Len: Judging is only an opinion....but I tell you, Katherine,  YOU are the complete package.
KT says: Honestly, I thought she was a little awkward during this dance. I was a little disappointed.
Score they got: 30
Score I'd give 'em: 28

Donald and Peta - Chacha
Judges said:
Carrie Ann: You are such a fierce competitor. I can see this love for this show and you are determined to win. You are the one to beat.
Len: My feeling is that no one's a loser tonight. May I say, we've had some great footballers on this show over the years. My feeling is you're the best we've had.
Bruno: Another massive hit for Donald the Magnificent.
KT says: He started off a little stiff, but I can't complain too much with being shirtless the whole time. Overall, he did great. 
Score they got: 30
Score I'd give 'em: 30

Gladys Knight singing was angelic as expected. Though, I didn't care for the slow motion clips that made everybody cry.

3rd Runner Up: William and Cheryl (Aw, his son, who looks exactly like him, was crying)
2nd Runner Up: Katherine and Mark
Champions: Donald and Peta

Looks like my prediction was right!

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