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DWTS Season 14, Week 5 - Latin Night

The show opened with a wonderful chacha from Santana and a hot dance from some the troupe, who are really amazing at what they do but honestly, I don't care for the idea....I much preferred seeing the DWTS pros dance in these things during the results shows. Then again, they have the pros doing a lot of other side projects, so I understand it, but just don't like it particularly well. I also don't care for having the musical guest appearing on the dance night rather than the results shows because the viewers don't get to see the performances in full....but I digress. Now, the dancing

Jaleel and Kym – Samba

Judges said:
Len: "You had rhythm in abundance. A few liberties with the technique."
Bruno: "You got the party started. That wiggle, have you got a mini-me in there?"
Carrie Ann: "This week you came out with attack and fire. Watch your arm when it's out of hold."

KT says: Watching Jaleel shimmy in rehearsal was.....interesting. He did well shimmKym's costume was also.....interesting. Reminds me of THIS costume from Hedwig and the Angry they glued some poor bitch's weave all over her body. I liked the little bit of African influence they threw in and would have liked to see more. Jaleel's physique is also a definite plus, but overall, the dance was just ok to me. The judges have all been on uppers this season. Maybe it's just the curse of going first, but the word I'd use to describe the dance would be, "Blah." I agree with Carrie Ann on the arms. Not Jaleel's best dance. I worry if he may be suffering from early bloomer syndrome. He blew us all away in the beginning, and everything since just seems to have lacked.
Score they got: 24
Score I'd give 'em: 21
Voting # 1-800-868-3412

Melissa and Maks – Salsa

Judges said:
Bruno: Maximum thrust and plenty of fire. You're got to be on it. I beg you, listen to what we say, go with it, but control it.
Carrie Ann: You had some moments where you looked fierce and sexy, but Bruno is right. Make your steps fit your body type a little more.
Len: At parts I saw great rhythm and feel, but other parts untidy.
KT says: HA! Melissa's bedazzled helmet and neck brace are HOT! Maks needs to appear in his clean face more....and less spray tan. It looks like he belongs on Jersey Shore with that tan. Also not crazy about Melissa's costume. Looks like shredded caution tape. Maks was right to keep calling her "Grandma." She kinda danced like one. I agree with the judges totally. She looked very inhibited and uncomfortable through most of the dance, though there were moments of great sparkle, which we'd all like to see more of.

P.S. I LOVE "AGUANILE!!!!" I dance to that song almost every week.

Score they got: 21
Score I'd give 'em: 20
Voting # 1-800-868-3407

Maria and Derek – Salsa

Judges said:
Carrie Ann: "Wow, that was hot. I don't think you needed the kiss, I think that was a sell out.
Len: Two things were revealed, Derek's body and your talent.
Bruno: Can I get you a room? Can I join in? Saucy and hot! That's the way I like it!

KT says: The poor thing! She already has a busted foot and busted rib and Derek drops her right on her rib cage and chin. Whoops. LOVE her costume though!...and I don't mean the bubble wrap suit. It was also funny watching her molest Dr. Drew Pinski. Overall, the dance was too careful, stiff, and awkward, especially the kiss. I think Maria is very talented, but honestly, this has been her worst dance.
Score they got: 27
Score I'd give 'em: 24
Voting # 1-800-868-3401

Katherine and Mark – Argentine Tango

Judges said:
Len: This, for me, was like a rose. Well done.
Bruno: Dancing and choreography of the highest quality. It was played to perfection.
Carrie Ann: Your legs are the best legs I've ever seen of any contestant. That was poetry in motion.

KT says: HAHA Watching Katherine kick Mark in the nuts a few times was pretty funny....sorry, Mark. I liked the top half of Katherine's costume, but not the bottom half. There were one or two awkward transitions, but overall, this was an absolutely excellent, superior dance. I have nothing bad to say.
Score they got: 29
Score I'd give 'em: 29 (Sorry, I can NEVER give a perfect score)
Voting # 1-800-868-3410

Gavin and Karina – Samba

Judges said:
Bruno: You should have stayed on the boat. You just let yourself go hoping for the best.
Carrie Ann: I love the way you just go for it. You were lacking a little bit of form. It was hard to tell it was a samba.
Len: It was more of a sham-ba then a samba. It was a gallant effort.

KT says: I loved Karina's costume. It's perfect for the samba! That was cute choreography that had a lot of potential, but Gavin just couldn't really pull it off. His upper body was goofy and he wasn't loose enough in his lower body. On the bright side, Gavin always looks like he's having fun.
Score they got:
Score I'd give 'em: 19
Voting # 1-800-868-3404 19

William and Cheryl – Argentine Tango

Judges said:
Carrie Ann: That was ridiculously amazing. All I could think was, "Th
Len: I saw mood passion sensuality and color, well done
Bruno: Pulsing passion.
KT says: HOT! Their best dance so far. No, I'm not biased just because William is hot. I think it was fantastic, no doubt, but I think they were over scored a bit. William's arms were a little stiff and awkward at points.
Score they got: 29
Score I'd give 'em: 27
Voting # 1-800-868-3408

Gladys and Tristan - Samba

Judges said:
Len: You've got a naturalness about you. This number was simple but effective.
Bruno: You play to your audience. You have incredible stage presence.
Carrie Ann: A few tiny mistakes, but there's something about watching you dance, there is a reason you are the legend you are.

KT says: Stiff, awkard, and dumpy moves. She did appear to be enjoying herself and she is entertaining, but overall, there were a LOT of mistakes and goofiness. I know she's a legend and all, but I really wish the judges would give her more constructive criticism.
Score they got: 22
Score I'd give 'em: 19
Voting # 1-800-868-3411

Roshon and Chelsie – Salsa

Judges said:
Bruno: You're wired for salsa! Your timing is unbelievable
Carrie Ann: You've got your own mojo. You were sexy in a Disney way. You hit everything.
Len: You're like a young guy with his first car. Sometimes you've got to slow down and enjoy the journey.
KT says: Chelsie's costume looked like Toucan Sam threw up on her. I agree with Len. Overall, that was a great dance, but there were times when he was trying too hard and it looked a little forced. I think he's a very charismatic and talented boy and this dance showed that, but the times he was "channeling William" showed through as well.
Score they got: 26
Score I'd give 'em: 26
Voting # 1-800-868-3405

Donald and Peta – Argentine Tango

Judges said:
Carrie Ann: That was divine. You're just in control all over the dance floor.
Len: The lifts were spectacular, but the rest of it...nearly but not quite.
Bruno: The buildup was amazing. It kind of worked, but kind of interrupted the flow.

KT says: Incredible lifts, but in between lifts there wasn't much actual dancing. Donald was pretty flatfooted throughout the routine, but everything else was great.
Score they got: 27
Score I'd give 'em: 25
Voting # 1-800-868-3403

Best dance of the night: Katherine and Mark's Argentine Tango
Worst dance of the night: Gavin and Karina's Samba
Who SHOULD go: Gavin or Gladys
Who probably will go: Gavin

Additional comments: I am not all that pleased with the ladies' costumes this season. There have been a lot of really flat out UGLY costumes. I know costumes are works of art, but they also need to fit the canvas. On the bright side, the men's pants have been pretty tight.

FANTASTIC dance from Ana Trebunskaya and Louis VanAmstel. I absolutely adore watching the DWTS pros dance together. Though....I think Ana and Maks used all the spray tan world. Oh well, it's Latin week, I guess it fits. It was definitely an interesting show and a few people surprised me, some in good ways, some in not so good ways. I guess we'll see tomorrow if the rest of the US agrees! Pin It

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