Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DWTS Season 14, Week 5 - Results

The show started off bla-ishly. Len requested seeing Maria and Derek's salsa....which sucked less today than it did yesterday....but still generally sucked. I think Maria is a very talented dancer in general, but that was her worst dance and it was painful to have to watch a second time. I would have LOVED to see Katherine and Mark's tango again. I'm gonna go ahead and blame her injuries. Though, seeing Derek take his clothes off never gets old. It was also hilarious to see him make out with Carrie Ann and Maria smooch on Bruno....no love for poor Len.

So, the first round of people were safe and OOPSIE! Melissa Gilbert didn't know her mic was on and we all heard a very nice and clear "GODDAMMIT!" I guess it was a, "Goddammit," of joy? Kinda like a, "FUCK YEAH!" Oh well, it made me laugh.

As always, it was lovely to see some of our pros dance together, in this case Louis Van Amstel and Cheryl Burke during Train's performance of...uh...I'll be honest, I didn't recognize the song.

Macy's Stars of Dance with Sheila E., the Capoeira guys and the samba gals was pretty great. I almost always love these segments. I know, why would somebody who doesn't like the DWTS troupe like Macy's Stars of Dance? Macy's Stars of dance gives dance groups from all over the world a chance to be on TV. The DWTS troupe just makes me feel like they're saying, "Here, have a look at all the pros' anonymous friends." I know, I know, they're really talented people and blabla but...eh...I still don't like the concept.

Pedophiles, rejoice! Selena Gomez performed...and that's all I'll say about that because I don't want to sound like TOO MUCH of a completely cynical bitch.

Moving along, Gavin & Karina and Jaleel & Kym were in the bottom two, which means they had to compete in the dance duel. The dance duel really seems to piss off most viewers. It makes them feel like ultimately, they don't have the power since the judges get the final call. I see their point. On the other hand, just like voting in elections, you can only vote FOR someone, you can't vote AGAINST someone. Oh well, I enjoy the duel because I enjoy seeing how people cope under pressure. I also like how it is a peek into a real ballroom competition, though real ballroom competitions have a lot more couples and they dance several dances until they're down to one.

Personally, I thought both couples in the duel they were both super awkward. Yes, I'm aware, it's not a highly rehearsed dance. Regardless, in my opinion, Jaleel did better than Gavin. The judges agreed unanimously. My prediction for this week came true. I think America and the judges made the right decision.

Even though he lost, Gavin seemed to instantly take the attitude of not being sad it was over but being happy that it happened, which was a nice contrast to last week's elimination with Sherri Shepherd sobbing (not that I blame her). A happy ending is always preferable.

P.S. Karina's duel costume was awesome. I had to comment because of all the bitching I've done about the awful costumes so far this season. Don't let it be said that I never have anything nice to say. :oP Pin It

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