Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DWTS Season 14, Week 6 - Results

Motown Week continued as the show opened with a Motown medley from the DWTS band and a dance from the DWTS troupe. I must say this. Peta+Val=PORN and not just because they were dancing to "Let's Get It On." I've seen them dance before and have said the same thing before.  
Round I:
Jaleel & Kym - 1st saved
Maria & Derek - 1st in jeopardy
William & Cheryl - 2nd saved
Melissa & Maks - 2nd in jeopardy

I am quite surprised to see Maria and Derek in jeopardy, but not at all to see Melissa and Maks.

Commercial break.

Seeing Makela (sp?) dancing for the AT&T Spotlight performance was very inspiring. As always, I'm happy to see other dances on the show besides ballroom. I'm also glad to see some people of color on the show, something that is noticeably absent on a regular basis as far as the pros and dance troupes are concerned. Yes, I realize they've had a wide diversity of contestants.  

Commercial break and potty time for KT.

I honestly didn't care for the, "OMG look at the drama and the injuries blablabla," package that they presented. That is my main gripe with the show in general, that people are too focused on the drama instead of the dancing. I know, I know, drama and bullshit sell or else, but I don't have to like it. I loved the Macy's Stars of Dance routine as always. I don't think I've ever seen one that I haven't enjoyed. In this case, it was a very lyrical and balletic presentation performed to an orchestral version of David Guetta's "Without You." This one was particularly impressive considering the large number of dancers that had to be in perfect sync. Anyone who's been on a dance team knows this is no easy task.  

Commercial break and derp on twitter time for KT.

I LOVE BOYZ II MEN! Ana Trebynskaya and Dmitry Chaplin (who really needs to show up more often) did a nice dance with a lot of pretty tricks. I've gotta say though, at this point, the show needs to be energized a little. So far there have been three somber and serious.  

Round II:
Katherine & Mark - 3rd saved
Gladys & Tristan - 3rd in jeopardy
Donald & Pita - 4th saved
Roshon & Chelsie - 4th in jeopardy

Commercial break and check virtual pet time for KT.  

Round III:
Melissa & Maks - 5th saved
Gladys & Tristan - 5th in jeopardy
Maria & Derek - 6th saved
Roshon & Chelsie - 6th in jeopardy  

Dance Duel: Gladys & Tristan vs. Roshon & Chelsie - The Jive

I know everybody hates the politics of this, but I like seeing it. IMNSHO (in my not so humble opinion...get used to this phrase), despite a few awkward moments, Roshon & Chelsie, they danced much better than Gladys & Tristan.

The votes:
Carrie Ann: Gladys & Tristan
Len: Roshon & Chelsie
Bruno: Roshon & Chelsie

It was just as Tristan said that it would be, a bittersweet and beautiful moment seeing Gladys both open up Motown week and close it down. She had a good attitude about the whole thing. I'm sad to see her go since she does somehow touch everyone's hearts, even with her limited dance skills. I think the judges made the right choice. Pin It

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